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How To Choose The Right Washer For Your Needs

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A washer seems to be one of the simplest spare parts you ever have to deal with. What can possibly be complicated about a piece of metal, plastic, or rubber? You may be surprised to learn that choosing a washer can be much harder than picking an engagement ring.

Washers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Without extensive knowledge about the project or equipment requirements, choosing the best possible option isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. We asked experts from a leading flat washer manufacturer to share tips for choosing spacing components.

  • Environment

Some of the most common reasons for washer failure are stress-relaxation pressure and extreme temperatures. Even the best washer can fail if you place it in an environment for which it is not designed. Knowing the temperatures, pressure, and likely wear-and-tear can help you choose a washer that exhibits an appropriate endurance level.

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How Technology Is Transforming Pharma Market

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A very small percentage of drugs that are tested across the globe become viable to be marketed, widely accepted and used by the masses. The cost of testing and running operations in the pharma industry have doubled while the returns have been halved. With upcoming technologies such as Big Data Analytics, AI, hyper-sensitive robots, etc the pharma market is getting transformed. These technologies will also increase the efficiency and sustainability of the pharmaceutical industry by utilizing unstructured and structured data.

Big Data and Pharmaceutical Industry

Market players of pharma and lifestyle industries are harnessing the power of big data. They derive data from pharmaceutical retailers, patients, caregivers and from potential candidates of the drug such as those suffering from an ailment. Pharma market intelligence is making use of Big Data tools and technologies to expand the consumer base and pharmaceutical products. Structured and unstructured data are helping industries and scientists …